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Shirts and warm-up wear

Get into your dance frame with comfortably-fitting shirts, body-wrapper shirts, and warm-up wear from popular brands such as Wear Moi, Body Wrappers and others.

Leg warmers, Dance Belts and Tights

Gain agility in your dance steps with leg warmers, dance belts and tights from top brands such as M'Sterims, Mirilla, Capezio and more.

Ballet slippers, socks and boots

Make sure your feet never tire out with all the jumping and stomping your do during your dances, with boots and socks from well-known brands including Mukluk, Bloch, Capezio,

and more.

As a dancer, you work your entire body. Find a wide range of comfort clothing at 360 Dance Fitters. Wearing them would give you the maximum comfort and flexibility you can enjoy while dancing.

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